Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 2

Kara and I spent the afternoon today in downtown DC at the US Botanic Garden in SW.

We took the metro and walked a few blocks and as the building came into view, we both realized we had seen it a hundred times before but never knew what it was. It's a big, half glass building almost directly in front of the Capitol building, with a nice little courtyard outside.

We walked in and the controlled climate was staggering; my glasses and camera lens actually fogged up for a few minutes. It was warm and comfortable when today's high was in the upper 30s.

We walked around and read about different endangered plants and all that good stuff, but let me tell you, Christ almighty, I have never seen so many attractive men in one place. Kara and I were both overwhelmed at each turn haha.

The main entrance hall is home to two small pools and a bunch of more common flowers

And there was a couple actually kind of inappropriately intimate on one of the benches. They started necking at one point and Kara and I both looked away in discomfort, and they eventually started watching us walk around like they wanted some privacy. Too bad.

There was one room dedicated to desert vegetation

This room had a fountain, and I think Kara and I would have spent more time here but a couple came in and seemed like they wanted us to leave too. We stood our ground for a few minutes but they kind of started breathing down our necks so we just moved on.

And my personal favorite room had colorful flowers and vines hanging from the ceiling everywhere

There's also the main room, called "The Jungle," which homes the plants native to rainforests. There's fog and mist everywhere, it's really cool.

You can also climb a couple flights of stairs and walk along the balcony that surrounds The Jungle and get a view from above.

And here are a few other photos from the day :)

I will likely be posting again tomorrow night, I'm visiting family for dinner and will probably be taking photos of them, so I'll have done two rolls this week like last week.

This week's film:
  • 1 roll of expired Agfa Vista 200
  • Shot with a Canon EOS 630 and a Canon 50mm f/1.4

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