Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 3

Hannah and I had been trying to get together for a few weeks now. It had been a while since we were able to hang out and shoot together, and we finally got a chance yesterday.

She came up with her boyfriend, Scott, whom I met for the first time. He fit perfectly into the group with Hannah, Katie and me.

We spent the afternoon in Ellicott City, where I've shot countless times before.

We ate lunch outside on a picnic table behind the shops since Bean Hollow was packed.

None of us were particularly enthralled with any of the shops that day. I had shot there so many times and Hannah seemed a little uninterested, so we only poked through a few places in town before heading home, including that infamous Native American shop

(which also sells candy)

and then moved on to another of my favorite shops that sells a lot of kitschy vintage stuff and some really nice jewelry.

Hannah and Scott had to get back home to Vienna at a certain time so we headed home and shot a few more photos in the back yard before they left.

This week's film:
  • 1 roll of expired Agfa Vista 200
  • Shot with a Canon EOS 630 and a Canon 50mm f/1.4

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