Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 27

I spent the first week of July in Texas visiting Therese and Ryan McCoy. I attended their wedding on the 7th and had one of the best weeks of my life.

I arrived in Houston, Texas on July 2nd and spent the day with Tess, Holly Henry and Raegan Bird. I had been friends with both Holly and Raegan for about two and a half years and finally getting to meet them was completely surreal.

The week was full of shenanigans and I made sure to take a few snapshots with everyone there, even if just on my computer.

Me, Raegan and Holly. This about sums up the entire trip, really.

Me, Holly, Raegan, Tess and Chris

Me, Tess and Ryan

Me, Tess and Bryan

The bride and groom :)

Fabian looking hella stylish as usual

Holly striking a pose with her tea haha


Juulia. She, Holly, Raegan and I sat up on Tess and Ryan's balcony making little commentaries about all the people in the pool. We came up with stories for everyone and watched all the drunkenness unfold.

Out at dinner with Rae and Holly. Rae isn't sure why she looked so upset haha

It hadn't even crossed my mind that staying with the bride and groom the week of their wedding was going to have us busy at every moment, but I could not be happier with my experience. Between preparing wedding favors filled with candy and folding ceremony programs, we still managed to go out every single day and do a lot of really fun stuff.

I went shopping in a boot store

Shot a gun for the first time and managed to time this one of Fabian pretty dang well :P

Tess and Ryan's "couples target"

Julia at the grocery store. "U mad at me bro?"

Tess had just graduated from Texas A&M University and showed us around the campus a bit since we were in the area.

Fabian, Juulia, me, Ryan and Julie

Juulia, Fabian, Tess, Ryan and Julie

The day before the wedding, we all attended the rehearsal and Holly, Raegan and I stuck around after the practice was over to use the resort for photographs.



And we got a few goofy ones too :P

The wedding was incredibly beautiful and I may have teared up a few times, MAYBE. The food was excellent, everyone had such a great time and I am so, so glad that I was able to attend. I didn't shoot the wedding, but Holly and Raegan did, and they did an incredible job. Here are a couple photos they took, as well as links to their work.

The day after the wedding, I got to go out and shoot with Holly and Raegan again before my flight back home. We went exploring around a couple of areas, including a neighborhood development where some of the houses hadn't been finished yet. The remainder of the photos in the post were either taken on my phone or on film.

Raegan behind one of the houses

We then moved on to a park with a pond. We didn't have much time here as it started raining within just a few minutes of us arriving, so I didn't get to take any photos.

We ate lunch together and headed over to Raegan's house where Holly dropped us off. I sat around talking with Rae and her mom for a few hours before they drove me to the airport and I headed back home.

I, unfortunately, missed the Indiana flickr meetup in exchange for this trip to Texas and while they had a fantastic time in Indiana, I wouldn't trade my trip for anything. I flew across the country alone for the first time to meet longtime friends, make new ones, attend a wedding, shoot a gun, and have an incredible time with some very, very good people.

The day after I came home, I was so anxious to see the film I shot, I finished the roll of 35mm with Jayson in the back yard, so you get to see those as well.

This week's film:
  • 1 roll of 120 Fujichrome Astia 100 shot on a Mamiya C220F with an 85mm f/2.8
  • 1 roll of 35mm Lomography 100 speed slides shot on a Canon EOS 630 with a Canon 50mm f/1.2L
  • Both hand developed in Arista E-6, scanned with Epson Perfection V500

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