Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 6

I had planned for friends to visit me from Pittsburgh this weekend, but some last-minute issues prevented that from happening, so Katie and I went out today to Ellicott City.

I will possibly be shooting another roll of film this week, simply because none of these frames really wow me. I suppose it depends on what I have going on.

I had started a roll of film, experimenting with self-portraits as I've never done them on film, when Katie called and told me her plans for today fell through as well, so we headed out for the afternoon.

Some of these have weird marks from not drying properly; I maybe should have shaken up the stabilizer, I'm thinking the PhotoFlo may have settled to the bottom or something.

All of the shop owners in Ellicott City were cranky today; we've been through all of these shops at least ten times before and have always been greeted warmly and openly, and no one has ever taken the slightest issue with us taking pictures, but today, multiple people snapped at us for taking photos without asking. Katie and I both agreed that we don't particularly feel like we'll ever be going back for photos, simply because the employees who were addressing us were terribly rude. They're antique shops and people take photos all the time, literally about 50% of the people we saw there today had cameras, but we seemed to be the only ones anyone had any problem with.

Everyone's crankiness today put me in a cranky mood so I'll leave this post at that and hope for something more successful later this week :)

This week's film:

  • 1 roll of expired Agfa Vista 200
  • Shot on a Canon EOS 630, self portraits with a Canon 135mm f/2L, city/shop shots with a Canon 50mm f/1.4
  • Hand-developed with Jobo C-41, scanned with an Epson Perfection V500

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